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Expressive, full of color, and stylish, our selection of birthstone jewelry makes a wonderful gift for a loved one or yourself.


garnet ringgarnet ring

January: Garnet

Good health, wealth & happiness to start the year off right.

amethyst ringamethyst ring

February: Amethyst

Make a noble entrance with this royal purple gem.

aquamarine ringaquamarine ring

March: Aquamarine

Goodbye winter blues, hello calming aqua waters.

diamond ringdiamond ring

April: Diamond

Give me clarity, give me strength, give me diamonds.

emerald ringemerald ring

May: Emerald

Emerald green signals the start of Spring!

alexandrite ringalexandrite ring

June: Alexandrite + Pearl

Classy sophistication or color-changing fun! Take your pick.

ruby ringruby ring

July: Ruby

Take on Summer in a blaze of ruby-red glory.

peridot ringperidot ring

August: Peridot

Green as a lime, we love this fine olivine!

sapphire ringsapphire ring

September: Sapphire

Dreaming of blue in indigo hues.

opal ringopal ring

October: Opal

A playful light show in a stone? Yes please!

citrine ringcitrine ring

November: Citrine

Warm things up with sunny citrine.

blue topaz ringblue topaz ring

December: Blue Topaz

Soothingly blue and seasonally on-point!