Shopping for a big diamond engagement ring can be confusing as it is. A plethora of questions are most likely running through your mind. What type of ring does my fiance-to-be want? Do I need to pay more attention to ring settings for diamonds than the actual diamond? What are my options? How am I going to pay for this?

To add to the complexity of the engagement ring selection process, you might have to think about ring enhancers, too. So, what exactly are ring enhancers?

A ring enhancer is a single band that is designed to wrap around and contour a diamond ring in a solitaire setting. While elegantly simple on their own part, a ring enhancer is meant to augment the unique beauty of a solitaire diamond engagement ring. Ring enhancers can complement a simple, solitaire engagement ring without being too expressive or gaudy.

If you’re interested in adding a ring enhancer to an engagement ring in a solitaire setting, but you don’t know where to start the selection process, you’re in the right spot. Read along as we discuss the three types of ring enhancers available and learn what you need to know in order to make the best ring enhancer purchase to complement the engagement ring for your significant other. Let’s get to it!

The Curved Ring

The curved ring enhancer is very popular to add to an engagement ring. There is a curve in the band that dips below the stone of the engagement ring. The two bands from both rings sit next to each other without showing any gaps of skin. Not only do curved ring enhancers add to the experience of an engagement ring in a solitaire setting, but they are great additions to add to celebrate an anniversary.

Ring Guards

If you’re wanting to add some pizazz to your simple engagement ring, you’re going to want to look into purchasing a ring guard. Also known as “ring inserts,” ring guards are placed around the solitaire setting of an engagement ring. There are two bands that go above and below the stone, adding more sparkle to the engagement ring.

Ring Wraps

Ring wraps are enhancers that encase your diamond engagement ring. These ring enhancers can change the look of an engagement ring in a solitaire setting the most because typically there are two stones on the ring wrap that sit next to the solitaire stone, making it look like multiple stones or diamonds. Ring wraps are great if you are wanting to add some drama and excitement to a simple, solitaire engagement ring. You can utilize a ring wrap for your engagement ring, or even use it as a wedding band. Ring wraps also work well as anniversary bands.

Ring enhancers are not as intimidating as they may sound. If you have purchased a beautiful diamond engagement ring for your significant other, but feel like it may need some more pizazz and sparkle, ring enhancers are the way to go. Shop our selection of engagement rings and ring enhancers at Riddle’s Jewelry.