Diamonds are some of the most unique, hardest substances on Earth. A diamond can only be cut by another diamond, and a diamond would have to be heated to at least 1290 degree Fahrenheit to burn. That being said, diamonds are very delicate, especially on engagement rings and other diamond jewelry pieces. While being basically an indestructible gemstone, diamonds on jewelry can collect dirt and grime quickly, even from the simple touch of a human finger.

Your diamond engagement ring is most likely your most expensive and cherished piece of jewelry, so taking care of it and keeping it clean is a priority for you. You want to keep that rock sparkling and shining on your ring finger. Not only that, but unclean and unkept jewelry can accumulate bacteria, which could not only discolor and degrade the metals and the diamond overtime, but can cause irritation around your skin. Keeping your fine diamond jewelry in good condition by gently washing it regularly will extend the life of the piece.

How often you should clean your diamond jewelry is dependent on how often you wear it. If it’s a piece that you pull out for special occasions, you don’t need to give it a deep clean as often. However, if it’s a diamond engagement or wedding ring that is on your finger 24/7, it’s recommended to clean it every one or two weeks at home, and once every six months at a professional jeweler’s for a more thorough deep clean. And if it’s a more fragile piece of jewelry, there’s no need to scrub it or use liquids to clean it — this might even damage it. Rather, gently wipe more delicate diamond jewelry pieces with a polishing cloth or even a damp toothbrush.

Today we are going to be sharing some tips and advice on how to care for and clean your well-loved diamond jewelry and engagement ring. If you have any further questions about diamond jewelry services and maintenance, contact us today at Riddle’s Jewelry and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Diamond Engagement Ring Cleaning And Care

Touch Your Diamond Jewelry Pieces Sparingly

The oils from our hands can stick to a diamond’s surface and cause dirt and grime to collect on the gemstone. If handled too often without regular cleaning, the oils and grease can accumulate and begin to dull the shine and sparkle of the diamond. One of the best and most simple ways to keep your diamond jewelry in tip-top shape and not compromise its brilliance is to not touch or handle the gemstone a lot. This can be hard because who isn’t drawn to a bright sparkle? But no matter if it’s a big diamond engagement ring, a designer wedding ring on a solitaire setting, a simple diamond pendant, or even a pair of diamond stud earrings, try to keep your hands off as much as possible.

Clean Regularly At Home

As mentioned above, your diamond engagement ring, or other diamond jewelry you wear often, should be cleaned every one to two weeks at home, and every six months with a professional jeweler. To give your diamond ring a thorough clean at home, soak it in water with a few drops of mild dish soap for 20 to 40 minutes. This will work to degrease the gemstone and clean off the oils and grease it has accumulated. After soaking the piece in the gentle water and soap solution, take a soft and clean toothbrush (reserved for diamond cleaning only) and gently brush the diamond to further remove any dirt or grime.

If your ring is on a fragile setting, make sure you are extra gentle when cleaning and brushing with the toothbrush. When you’re done cleaning the diamond, rinse it off and dry it off with a soft cloth that is lint-free. Make sure that you close the drain if you are working over a sink.

Steer Clear Of Chemical-Laden Jewelry Cleaners

Never use chlorine bleach or any other household cleaners on your diamond ring. The chlorine in a lot of these cleaners can damage and scratch the metals on the piece of fine jewelry.

Other Care Tips For Diamond Rings

Be Mindful Of Thick Lotions

When you slather thick moisturizers and creams onto your hands, it can accumulate around the ring and make it look and feel dirty and grimy. While this can be hard to avoid, especially during the dry winter months when your hands needs a little extra love, be mindful of how and when you’re applying thick creams to your hands, and try to do so when your diamond ring is off.

Take Off Your Ring While Cooking Or Doing Hard Manual Labor

Cooking grease and oils can find their way to your diamond ring and stick, and food can be very difficult to remove from a ring and ring setting. Try to take off your ring and set it aside when you cook a big meal. The same goes for manual labor. If you are working on a house renovation, a car repair, or even gardening, make sure your diamond jewelry is set aside.

Your diamond jewelry, especially your engagement ring, is valuable and oftentimes carries significance. That’s why caring for it properly is essential in prolonging its life, maintenance, and sparkle. If you have a warranty on your diamond jewelry, be sure to regularly have it inspected and cleaned by a professional jeweler. Regularly cleaning your diamond ring, at home and by a professional, is critical for keeping it in good condition, and being mindful of how you are wearing it will ensure its overall safety and well-being.

If you have any further questions about diamond jewelry and engagement ring cleaning, care, and maintenance, give us a call at Riddle’s Jewelry. Perhaps you are considering popping the big question soon. In that case, take a look at our diamond engagement rings from a variety of designers. Shop Riddle’s Jewelry today, and reach out if you have any questions regarding our diamond jewelry.