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For centuries, Diamonds have been admired by people of all ages. In fact, diamonds are used to mark all of lifes achievements, whether that be an anniversary, engagement, wedding, or birth. Diamonds are a natural phenomenon, requiring just the right conditions for the carbon atoms to bond together tightly. With just a slight fluctuation in atom arrangement the result is graphite, a material so soft one can write on paper with it. Diamonds, on the other hand, are so hard only another diamond can scratch it. Although no two diamonds are ever identical, jewelry professionals have come up with a systematic way to evaluate, discuss properties, and establish rarity and value. This system is known as the Four C’s: color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. Combined, a diamond’s physical properties and fascinating history allow owners of this treasured stone to pass down its beauty for generations to come. We have diamonds to mark all of your special occasions. Whether you are looking for wedding sets, engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, rings, or necklaces, etc., we have it all. We want your time to be special, so we make sure that these pieces are made with quality yellow gold, white gold, pink gold, two tone gold, and even alternative metals. Take any of these diamond pieces home to celebrate life, love, anniversaries, birthdays, anything, or anyone that's special to you.