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Sanskrit, the sacred language of India, names ruby “ratnaraj”, which translates into “King of the Gems”. It has been said that rubies possess an inner flame that burns eternally. Europeans believed that rubies brought their wearers perfect peace and happiness.

Rubies in the finest quality are among the world’s rarest and most valuable gems. In 1988 a 16-carat ruby sold for more than $227,000 per carat! However, strong worldwide production and an array of treatments have increased availability and put rubies within the reach of most customers.

July Birthstone - 15th and 40th Wedding Anniversary

Ultrasonic: Usually safe Enhancements: Rare
Phenomena: Asterism (star ruby) Hardness: 9
Heat: Stable Steamer: Usually safe
Stability: Stable Toughness: Excellent
Major source: Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand