Riddle's Jewelry Featured 90 Facet Noventa Diamond Collection

The Riddles Noventa Diamond features 90 scintillating facets. That is 33 more than the traditional 57 faceted round brilliant cut. But more important than the quantity of facets is the unique architectural arrangement of these facets that combine to produce a brilliant mosaic in the diamond. The Noventa's facets are arranged to mask natural inclusions that may otherwise hinder light performance, giving it the appearance of a 4c diamond with higher color and clarity. In fact, the Noventa's distinctive cut is so unique that it has been given a patent from the U.S. patent office.

Only master diamond cutters have the training necessary to fashion the Noventa Diamond. These master diamond cutters require triple the amount of time to cut and polish the Noventa over that of the typical round diamonds.

The Riddles Noventa diamond is essentially a collection of well aligned prisms and mirrors, which cause the light to reflect and dance from every facet. Our Noventa ring collection is on our new and trending list because of the brilliance of the diamonds in our engagement rings, wedding sets and anniversary rings. If you are looking for a big diamond engagement ring that shines and sparkles, we have what you need. Brides love this classic and elegant collection. Go simple with a solitaire setting, or add some more bling. Not to mention, our Noventa rings are also the perfect birthday and anniversary gifts.