Harout R makes a variety of gorgeous wedding sets, engagement rings and diamond semi-mounts. If you’re on the hunt for a beautiful big diamond engagement ring, look no further. Harout R’s bridal collection of matching engagement rings and wedding bands is available in platinum and 14-carat/18-carat white gold and yellow gold. Depending on your diamond semi-mount choice, they can accommodate round brilliants, princess cuts, oval, emerald, pear shape, solitaire settings, and many other unique and popular diamond shapes. Personalize your piece however you want, or purchase as is. Their cluster diamond engagement rings are popular because they offer great sparkle as well. Choose from classic, vintage, halo or modern styles to satisfy your diamond ring needs.

We have a vast assortment of various sized diamonds, gemstones, and center stones available for diamond semi-mounts here at Riddle’s Jewelry. Please give your local Riddle's Jewelry location a call or contact us here online at 1-800-741-7609 with any questions.