The fabled story of Kirk Kara spans multiple continents and more than a century. Since 1890, this astonishingly talented family of artists and artisans has designed and handcrafted beautiful rings and fine jewelry.

Kirk Kara designer jewelry pieces are all original designs inspired by the past and re-imagined for the present. Each detail is drawn from romantic patterns found in nature, architecture and art. They’re brought to life in the finest platinum, gold, gemstones and of course, diamonds. No wonder falling in love with a piece of Kirk Kara jewelry becomes a lifelong passion.

This rare talent for creating legendary pieces of jewelry has been passed down between four generations from fathers to sons. And now, for the first time in the company’s history – to two daughters. They are committed to continuing the brand’s gracious, generous spirit and relentless pursuit of perfection. Every Kirk Kara piece is forever captivating.

Kirk Kara has won the most prestigious award in the bridal category: the Jeweler’s Choice Award, seven years in a row. Treat your special loved one to a beautiful piece of Kirk Kara jewelry. Whether it is an anniversary or engagement ring, this designer jewelry always pleases.