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Dionysus, the Greek God of wine, was insulted one day by a mortal. Enraged, he called forth vicious tigers to exact revenge on the next mortal who would cross his path. Unfortunately, the young maiden Amethyst was on her way to pay tribute to the Goddess Diana, when she found herself facing the tigers. To save her from the beasts, Diana turned Amethyst into a statue of pure quartz. The quartz maiden was so beautiful that Dionysus, in sorrow and remorse, wept tears of rich wine over the statue, staining it a deep purple, thus creating the poetic gem.

Ancient belief was that wearers of Amethyst were clear headed and quick-witted in battle and in business affairs. It’s no wonder that fine Amethyst adorns the fingers of bishops and the crown jewels of royalty from ancient to modern times.

February Birthstone - 6th Wedding Anniversary

Ultrasonic: Usually Safe Hardness: 7
Steamer: Risky Toughness: Good
Heat: Poor; color may change Phenomena: None
Major sources: Africa, Brazil, Uruguay Enhancements: Heat for color
Stability: May fade if exposed to intense light for a long time. Otherwise, no routine concerns