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Engagement Rings

Are you thinking about popping the big question soon? During this exciting time in your life, there’s no doubt you’ve been wondering about the big diamond engagement ring that is going to accompany you as you get on one knee. But let’s face it: engagement rings can be expensive.

While Riddle’s Jewelry offers jewelry financing options that can help you buy now and pay in increments later, there’s no better time to capitalize on an engagement ring than during a Black Friday sale.

Riddle’s Jewelry has some incredible Black Friday engagement ring deals, right in time to pop the question around the Christmas season. You’re going to want to have a remarkable ring with you as you propose to your special someone. And here at Riddle’s, we are thrilled to help you find the perfect ring that will make a statement and find its home on her ring finger for the rest of your lives.

Take a look at our in-house brands, like 2BeLoved, Amaura, Black Hills Gold, Impulse, and Noventa, to see the versatile engagement ring options you have when you shop engagements rings with us on Black Friday. Don't forget to check out our ring size chart to make sure you order the right size of ring for your sweetheart.

The 2BeLoved Collection

The Riddle’s diamond engagement ring brand 2BeLoved is a collection made to symbolize the love and connection between two people. That’s why it makes for the ideal ring to accompany you as you decide to pop the question that will change your life. The two diamonds attached on the band represent the union and partnership the two of you are forming as you enter into engagement and marriage. Every time she looks at the two diamonds, which are positioned next to each other, she’ll be reminded of the love the two of you share. Isn’t that the point of investing in a gorgeous diamond ring?

The 2BeLoved rings come in a princess cut or round brilliant diamond settings, and you can choose from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or a two-tone gold. Depending on the style you’re looking for, the 2BeLoved diamond collection has a unique, breathtaking diamond ring perfect to sit on the her ring finger.

These diamond rings can be for more than just proposing — they are the ideal choice for any right or left hand rings. Are you looking for a promise ring for your girlfriend? Find a gorgeous diamond for her here. Looking for a spectacular wedding set? You know you can find the most stunning bridal rings here. Even if you’re looking to adorn your right hand with a sparkling ring, 2BeLoved has the ring for you.

The Amaura Collection

Diamond rings from the Amaura collection at Riddle’s Jewelry feature a classic style, while still creating a modernized take of the romantic cushion cut design. The overall style of this collection preserves the classic, antique look we all love while continuing to featuring more modern cuts of diamonds. Thus, the result is a soft, glowing, and one-of-a-kind diamond ring.

The Amaura diamond features 70 facets and was designed with the goal to appear almost 20% larger than any traditional cut diamond of the same weight. When you place the sparkling ring on your fiance’s ring finger, you’ll be symbolizing the commitment, love, and partnership the two of you are creating. Each time she looks down at the twinkling gem on her left hand, she’ll be reminded of all the two of you share.

Treat your fiance-to-be to a diamond ring that honors the traditional of the past, welcomes romance, and symbolizes the commitment you’re making to one another.

The Black Hills Gold Collection

World-renowned, and for good reason too, our Black Hills Gold jewelry collection is absolutely one-of-a-kind. If you’re looking for a unique engagement ring design to place on the ring finger of your special someone, there is no better option than a Black Hills Gold ring. Designed and manufactured in the Black Hills region of South Dakota, each design integrates history, heritage, art, and pure beauty.

Throughout 14 years, 360 goldminers-turned-craftsman carved Mount Rushmore into a rough granite mountain in South Dakota. And now today, the craftspeople of Black Hills Gold jewelry carry on the tradition of quality, intricate, and meaningful work in the design and creation of each and every piece of Mount Rushmore Black Hills Gold jewelry. The gold used in our jewelry collection are from the Black Hills Gold rush of 1876, and make an illustrious, glowing band for beautiful handcrafted designs, diamonds, and gemstones to sit on.

Black Hills Gold pieces are known for their iconic pink, yellow, and green leaf designs. The soft colors of these decals are made by alloying gold with silver to produce a soft green, and gold and copper to produce a light pink. Not only are these colors aesthetically pleasing to the eye, making for a truly distinct jewelry piece, but the colors coordinate with other jewelry pieces as well. If your significant other wants to wear additional rings on her finger to complement her Black Hills Gold engagement ring, she can feel comfortable knowing that all of her jewelry will pair well with that special piece on her ring finger.

Each piece of Black Hills Gold jewelry, whether that be bridal rings, fashion rings, bracelets, necklaces, or watches, have a lifetime guarantee. Since each design was created with quality and precision at the Black Hills Gold factory in Rapid City, South Dakota, they will guarantee your jewelry to be free from any manufacturing defects in workmanship.

There’s no doubt that an engagement ring from the Black Hills Gold will be remarkable and unique. Take a look at our collection of Black Hills Gold rings to find the one that’s meant to rest on the ring finger of your wife-to-be.

The Impulse Collection

The bridal and engagement rings from Riddle’s Jewelry Impulse Collection are a perfect fit for someone who doesn’t want a big diamond, but who still wants to a sparkling gemstone to glitter on their ring finger. If your significant other has been dreaming of a glittering ring sans a diamond, then you’re going to want to peruse the Impulse Collection.

Featuring a variety of breathtaking gemstones, the rings from the Impulse collection are distinct and elegant, while still maintaining the classic engagement ring design. Select from a variety of gemstones, including Brazilian Garnet, Rubellite, Rose De France, Topaz, and Amethyst, as well as the setting of the ring itself. What is fun about this collection is that many of the rings are available in a set. So after you’ve selected the perfect engagement ring, find the matching necklace or earrings to treat her to.

The Noventa Collection

A Noventa engagement ring is the option for those with a more simple and classic taste, and who love a solitaire setting. But what makes the Noventa collection so remarkable is not the band style, but the diamond itself. The Noventa diamonds from Riddle’s Jewelry features 90 scintillating facets, which is 33 more than the traditional 57 round brilliant cut.

But the sparkle doesn’t end there — the facets on the Noventa diamonds are arranged to mask natural inclusions in the stone that may otherwise hinder light performance. This gives the appearance of a 4C diamond, with a higher color and clarity.

This is one glittering, sparkling diamond, if we do say so ourselves. So much so that the Noventa cut has been given a patent from the U.S. patent office.

If you’re drawn to the simplicity of the Noventa diamond, but are looking for a different setting, don’t worry. We can place the Noventa diamond on different bands to customize the engagement ring to your liking. In fact, you can even select a Noventa diamond on a beautiful Black Hills Gold band with the leaf designs they are known for! Give your fiance the big diamond engagement ring of her dreams.

Shop Black Friday 2019 Engagement Rings At Riddle’s Jewelry

Whatever style you’re looking for, you can rest easy knowing that our selection of engagement rings at Riddle’s Jewelry has the ideal style for your significant other. Whether she is looking for a big diamond, or a more simple solitaire setting, the rings that we have in our in-house collections are sure to surprise her. Plus, you can find incredible Black Friday engagement ring deals here! Now is the time to find the ring that will accompany you as you get on one knee and pop the anticipated question.

We know it can be hard to find just the right gifts for everyone on your list. Whether it’s a new watch for Dad or fun stackable rings for your sister, we’re happy to help you find all the best surprises to get your holiday shopping done with ease. And, of course, we’re here to help find the perfectly dazzling option if you’re ready ask your sweetheart The Big Question!

Make things even sweeter by saving big during our holiday sales. Check out our Black Friday Sale to see how you can save. Be sure to keep on the lookout for anything marked with our Brite Buy logo to shop our best value deals!